Best Gift Ever from my Chef friend

starter_knife_block_product_chefs_2A few days ago, a chef friend of mine bought me a gift – it was the Victorinox 8” Pro Chef Knife. I was impressed that he actually remembered my birthday but I couldn’t get why he kept on bragging about this knife. To me your plain old house chef, this knife seemed to be a regular blade that could be used to slice stuff in and out of the kitchen. But, I went online and went through these chef knives of 2017 and was certainly impressed.

I remembered specifically that Victorinox is actually one of the most well-known brands for kitchen knives, thus, they were the ones to invent the ultimate Swiss Army Knife as well. It’s no shocker that this brand makes such impressive and lasting knives both for the kitchen and the wild outdoors.

I kept using the knife countless times to test it. It was impressive. Amazingly, I find it so useful for home chefs and home cooking since a chef knife is capable of mincing, dicing, slicing, and a whole lot more. Also, the blades are so wide that all ingredients being cut using the Victorinox 8” Pro Chef Knife are treated and sliced perfectly. With its non-slip and ergonomic handle, it is so easy, safe, and convenient to use on a daily basis of preparing and cooking food.

I should really get Terry a fantastic present for his birthday too. He managed to make my cooking experiences all the more exciting and enjoyable. The knife is durable, ergonomic, well balanced and simply outstanding for it’s price. It may not be able to compete with a $100 knife but that’s perfectly fine for a regular home chef like me. Ultimately, the Victorinox 8” Pro Chef Knife is the best knife out in the market today, especially for those, are into preparing and cooking food at home. Well, it’s definitely the best gift I’ve received this year.

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